Property Management


For over 25 years, Cathay Pacific Group has supplied first-class, professional property management and real estate services to a variety of clients, including single family home owners, apartment building owners, condominium corporations and commercial property owners on a global level.

Thanks to today’s technology, we are able to serve clients as close as a block away (who simply do not want to deal with the hassles of being a landlord) to those on the other side of the world (who have income property in the areas we service).

Cathay Pacific Group provides property owners with hassle free property management services. Whether the property owner is located within the same city or lives in another country, Cathay Pacific Group will look after all aspects of the property.


Our aim is to provide a high level of service that the principals of Cathay Pacific Group see is often lacking in today’s business practices. It is our aim to create partnerships of service with our clients to ensure that our clientele’s needs and goals are met. We are here to serve you, by listening and responding to your interests. We will work to ensure the highest possible net return to the property owners over the longest period of time.


We are fully committed to our client’s needs. By listening to what they tell us, we can best ascertain their needs. The Cathay Pacific Group team has had a long-term involvement in the business and community life of the major centres in Alberta. In turn, our team also offers knowledgeable insight into the needs of the residents and business communities in Alberta. We are committed to you and your future. Cathay Pacific Group will provide you with our corporate guarantee for all actions taken on behalf of your property.


We will always act responsibly in meeting our clients needs. We believe business must rise to a standard of genuine integrity and responsiveness to clients.